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chapeau 2 chapeau

Picture for ART IN HATS – HATS IN ART event

Hat by Romy Nayar
photo by Nur Moo*

Picture for ART IN HATS – HATS IN ART event
Hat by Chirzaka Vlodovic
photo by Nur Moo*

paper plane*

biot biotech

Tabloid : Rebound Boots mesh (2013)
BioTech : Pants mesh (2013)
Tram : C429 hair (2013)
Cheerno : Billiards gloves (2010)
Aitui : Tattoo (2010)
SoH : Autumn Koi tattoo(2010)





Playing with lights on a mesh avatar

New art exibith by Nur Moo at Nitroglobus Gallery in Secondlife

Opening  May 20 2013

Link for the Gallery


sky3 72 risol

Eshi Otawara : Kuroi skirt (2010)
Eshi Otawara : A gown that look Breezy (2010)
Posh : Naive hair+ cap midnight (2010)
Alirium : spring antlers (2010)
Plastik : skin BaelElven jett scales (2010)
Urbanized : Pendant Lamp (2010)


french kiss*

8692567667_d664139df4_b 8693685220_1dbc9ee984_b

Imabee : Stem skin Umeko (2012)
paper couture : Braided Finish Jacket (2009)
paper couture: black Floral suit gown (2010)
paper couture : Big Bun hair (2011)
paper couture : Tumbled stone necklace (2008)
Slink : Ashia point ballet slipper blood (2011)
Slink : de Jolie Hands relaxed (2013)
Scribble : Braid Crown beads & feathers (2010)
N : Pose




Paper Couture : Fine & Dandy (2009)
Paper Couture : Frida Hair (2009)
Paper Couture : Regal Pearl earrings & Necklace (2010)
Ikon : Lucid eyes,silver (2013)
fd : Bird skin Essential 4 ( 2010)


8676808091_2159ec9fd7_b 8677913726_669306f4f7_b

Una : Shorts mesh (2013) New
LaGyo : Propellers headpiece (2011)
Split Pea : and with bees in her breath (headpiece) (2011)
Sunflower : pose

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