the best "old" stuff of sl


Meta_Body II

Avatar submitted by Meilo Minotaur to Meta_Body II.

This is an art project created by two of my favorite sl artists Meilo Minotaur and Cap Cat Ragu at new sim Delicatessen.

“Delicatessen is finally open again!

Meta_Body II

With the Meta_Body project avatars as a starting point Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu invited all SL residents to submit derivative avatars for a new Delicatessen distribution.
We now have 26 avatars proposed by 22 creators, ranging from well known metaverse artists and designers to absolute newbies, all generous enough to share their work with all of us.
Delicatessen sim was built as a homage to them and a way to distribute these avatars.

All sound installation in Delicatessen now by Takio Ra.”

Visit Meta_Body II


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