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Faina Cortes*

La Malvada Mujer : Losing my religion (2010)arrow
La Malvada Mujer : Cuore Sacro (2010) heart
La Malvada Mujer : Lou Lou a l’ecole (2013)
La Malvada Mujer : Nuclear Boobs (2011)
La Malvada Mujer : Persiguiendo el Dragon hair (2011)
La Malvada Mujer : The time bomb headpiece (2010)
La Malvada Mujer : The soldier on big maneuvers pink hat (2010)
Vitabela : Wild Orchidea skirt(2010)
four YIP : YIPs roly poly dream dress (2008)
COCO : doll head 001v (new)


Faina Cortes is the skilled designer of “La Malvada Mujer” in Second Life, an rl artist and a very nice friend .I love her artsy creations full of culture and sense of humor.



Yip’s Waldemar Twin Portrait(2009)


they where found on a ship.
fish are there friends.
find the freak in you,………… the other half of the waldemar twins

thank you Eloh Eliot for the fabulous skin bases. wich i used to make the waldemar skin.





Four Yip is one of more particolar artist of sl,i love her surreal objects more than all.

FOUR YIP___MOOD MASK (2009) (animated)

four Yip viewer_*

Fantastic Viewer with sound by Four Yip __ VIEWER MASTER GLASSES (2009)

Pose_____ Sunflower.walk like an egyptian (2009)


Model____Nur Moo