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no realism*

fd : Cutout Flats shoes (The Arcade) (2013)
BooN : RHN435 (2013)
MichaMi ; Nina Capris white (2010)
LAQ : Mima 02 Skin pale (2011)
DL : Cyberangel shoulder armor (2008)

Moo & Morgan*

“In real life I never go out without a fan in my bag, especially if I go out clubbing or to some fashion events. When I joined SL in 2006, I didn’t find the fashion accessory so I made some for myself. At the time they were very basic: 3 prims with 2 flexible ribbons.
My friends asked me where I found them and told me I should sell them. So one night I asked a friend if I could squatt his land to build something. I assembled 247 tiny prims to give them a nice original shape. I didn’t want something that looks real life but I wanted something that looks good in SL. This is why they are made out of prims and not with one alpha texture on a single prim.
Later I was looking for some hair and again I didn’t want to copy RL, but only SL styles that were inspired by my life. And this is how is born the shop Digital Eyes…”
Morgan Kincess

Morgan was one of first creative i met in sl when i discover it,she was in a group very important for sl development with people like Hern Worsley,Artoo Magneto,Dave Attenborough and many others.Now she is back after a rl pause and i’m looking forward for her new sl projects!

Morgan style card:

Hair: Digital Eyes * Future Buns Red
Skin: Ugly Duck – Droid
Nails: CHAI Polish-red
Top: <TheAbyss> F_Gear//[Black]Pruriency_Corset
Pants: part of * MichaMi: Glitter Tube & Leggings
Gloves: part of M * A * ii * K * I Striped Strapless Black/SteelBlue
Hooves: !AVZ! ~ Mekahooves BOX ~
Fan: Digital Eyes * Animated Fan * Gradient Red
Mask: ::: B@R ::: AkaOni Mask 2011