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Playing with lights on a mesh avatar

New art exibith by Nur Moo at Nitroglobus Gallery in Secondlife

Opening  May 20 2013

Link for the Gallery


Under an OcTree*

Under an OcTree*


The tree data structure under sl metaverse
a real vision of virtuality

Art/installation & pictures by Nur Moo*

at ★ ШHΛT’S THIS ΛЯT ★ Gallery

slurl :


Poetik (recall)*


March 15 2009 was the opening of Poetik sim a Nur Moo art project built by Hern Worsley.

Poetik was an unique and fantastic experience.

These are the old flyers.One about bark Aabye photo expo at Poetik velvets in 2009.

Vintage Metaverse*

tooo funky*

Vitabela___________tooo funky Hair (2010)

Morgan K.*

Digital Eyes__________Future Buns Green (2010)

Rozoregalia_________Hydra Breastplate 3 (2010)

Rozoregalia_________Hydra Necklace (2010)

AVZ______________Wrapped Boots Black (2009)

HelaMiyo__________ Simmetry pose 2 (2013)


Rozoregalia___________Bouhachi faceband (2010)

Louise B.*


CLAWTOOTH____Louise Brook hair (2010)

Cocodoll ________Avatar mesh

Cocodoll________Fish Sarrousel_mesh pants (2011)

Del May________pose